25th Birthday of the Austin Film Festival!

25th Birthday of the Austin Film Festival!

Celebrate Austin Film Festival’s 25th birthday, October 25 – November 1 – the grandest celebration of story to date, with all the proper fixings of a truly spectacular festival! The recipe: blend 250 panelists, 200 panels and over 150 films over 15 venues – the secret ingredient: you, of course!

Austin Film Festival will screen stories that will charm you, challenge you, captivate you, and seduce you. What’s more, you’re in the unique position to not only see them, but to see them first with a behind-the-scenes look from the filmmakers themselves. Check out this year’s award season contenders first! Get badges and passes at Film Passes are also available for purchase at The Paramount Theatre and The Long Center box offices or by calling 512-478-4795

Fathers of Football

DirectorBradley Beesley – local Austin director!

After two state championships and a 25 game winning streak, the Wagoner High School Bulldogs are going for a third consecutive title under the leadership of their coach, Dale Condict. “Coach” is more than just your typical guy shouting out plays and holding a clipboard; he’s a mentor and confidant to the young men on his team. His s own son and the team’s starting guard is recovering from testicular cancer and trying to make a comeback on the field. In a small town where high school football is not only the brightest stage, but also the best ticket out, Coach must help his players survive the year and avoid the same pitfalls as previous generations.

Here is a link to the Trailer


Screening Info – Sunday, October 28 | 7:15PM | State Theatre – sponsored by Community Impact – Bradley Beesley and subjects Coach Condict and Austin Condict in attendance

Wednesday, October 31 | 8:15PM | Rollins Theatre


Director: Todd Sansom

Nestled at the doorstep of the Arctic Circle, the country of Iceland is uniquely acquainted with the relationship between strength and survival. For hundreds of years, men and women were challenged to overcome harsh weather and endless winter nights by developing their own distinct physical and mental fortitude—passed down from the age of the Vikings, and iconically represented by the lifting of heavy stones. Produced by Rogue Fitness, Fullsterkur features some of the modern stars of Iceland strength, including Magnus Ver Magnusson, Hafthor Bjornsson, and Annie Thorisdottir. But it also sheds light on strength culture’s early roots in the region, from the traditions of the Vikings and Sagas to the lives of farmers and fishermen.

Members of the cast and crew in attendance!

Here is a link to the Trailer


Individual Tickets to this screening are available for purchase on The Paramount Theatre website – click here

Screening Info: Tuesday, October 30 | 4:30pm | State Theatre

Kristina Killingsworth

October 24th, 2018

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